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Online Courses | Single - INTENSIVE ONLINE COURSE via Skype

Single INTENSIVE - ONLINE course, from home, via Skype

Many of our students can not perceive the "FULL presence at a time" here on Lanzarote in the driving school, to visit our INTENSIV theory course for professional or private reasons, but need or want a driving license "urgently".
The current "inexpensive" online courses, which included only simple stupid questions, did not bring the desired success for many people, led to many re-examinations, and inevitably also some "extra costs". In doing so, the actual, important theory was never involved and the "very twisted" Spanish questioning was never to understand.

The many inquiries for a single INTENSIVE - ONLINE course have inspired us to set up such a course for peoples who can not or would not want to come to the car school after Lanzarote.

However, students need a certain equipment (computer / laptop and pre-installed SKYPE) and of course, high self-motivation and correct timing (real presence in front of the Computer) as well as serious learning.

Course Registration:

• Inquiries can be submitted in advance (movil -653 80 14 12)
• Registration via the homepage registration form (online course)
• Payment of the online course fee      350.- Euro
• Account no. see homepage - deposit reason: name and SKYPE ID
• Contact via Skype with "Online Theory Teacher" (Skype: Gudrun Unger)

Course flow:

• The theory - ONLINE - Intensive Course currently comprises more than 1000 test questions
• Divided into 40 online INTENSIVE practice hours + 1 h. Initiation at the beginning.
• Exercise sheets are available in a LEARNINGCLOUD and are activated by code
• Additional written explanations and explanations are transmitted via Skype document
• Inquiries and verbal explanations can be dealt easily in the Skype conversation
• If required, additional lessons or repetition will be granted, for a special price

Bad experience with point system

During the last few years, a British resident has had a bad experience with the points system due to not wearing his seatbelt on two occasions, and twice not using a hands- free device. This has resulted in him losing his points and his license being cancelled. After 6 months of being banned, he could go for a "curso total" (24 hours, 390 Euros) and pass a written exam at the Trafico.

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