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News - Changes made to the Spanish traffic law, detail

Changes made to the Spanish traffic law
take effect from the 9th of May 2014

The Spanish Parliament has undertaken a reform of the Road Traffic Regulations approved, which is expected to be implemented in June this year. Besides changes in speed limits The new regulation also includes new features for cyclists. So is compulsory with the entry into force of the new regulation for children under 16 years when driving in urban areas wearing a helmet.

Drivers can slightly stronger step on the accelerator in the future. The currently applicable speed limit to 120 km / h on Spanish highways  is relaxed in some parts, so that in the future 10 km / h more, namely 130 km / h can be drive.

Drivers caught using speed camera detection devices will be subject to a fine of €200 and a 3 point penalty. Speed camera jammers carry fines of up to €6,000 and a 6 point penalty. Any drivers using GPS devices which alert them to speed cameras, are advised to deactivate this option.

Radar detectors remain prohibited. The use is punishable by a fine of 6,000 euros and the deduction of 6 points.

A child under 1.35m in height cannot travel in the front passenger seat of a vehicle unless all the back seats have already been taken by other children under the height limit or the vehicle does not have any back seats. Previously under 12’s could travel in the front providing they had a booster or child seat. These rules apply to taxis however it's the parents who will be fined up to €200, not the taxi driver for any violations.
The vehicle can be immobilised if children are found to be travelling without proper child restraints.

Expensive it will in the future also for drivers who participate under alcohol or drug influence on the road. If a driver is found to be under the influence of drugs (excluding prescription ones) following a saliva test, the fine is €1,000, there is no requirement to prove that the drug influenced the person’s driving. The alcohol limit of 0.5 grams of alcohol per litre of blood = 0.25 mg per litre of exhaled air has not changed, but the fines have increased. The first offence for those with less than double the permitted alcohol level will be fined €500 with a penalty of 6 points. Second offenders or drivers found over double the limit will face a fine of €1,000 and a 6 point penalty.

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