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Klagusch EU-Driving License Service - Lanzarote, Canarias


You want to complete the driving license Class B (formerly Class 3) or Motorcycle A1 / A2 in English ? Also, you do not scope with the Spanish lessons and Spanish learning materials, even though you are actually quite good at understanding and speaking the language?

Welcome to Klagusch EU-Driving License Service, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Klagusch EU-Driving License Service offers a theory-service in English, that helps you to obtain your driving license here in Lanzarote.

Everybody who is registered for more than 185 day (6 months) to the European Register (the green document) or registered with a Residencia in Spain, can be registered for the driving license exam at the Trafico. In cooperation with the driving school Autoescuela AMOROS in Lanzarote, a tutorial was developed, which helps students to pass the exam for Class B driving license successfully since many years.

The theory part can be done in Lanzarote and the practical part can be done at home. This is advisable if the student is a beginner who needs probably many driving hours and does not want to stay in Lanzarote for long. Who can drive well takes some driving lessons and goes to Lanzarote for the practical exam, too.

The driving test is perceived by many as the most stressful test of their lives - but thanks to the compact course and the English teaching materials of KLAGUSCH this stress can be alleviated !

Driving license for a Motorcycle

Single INTENSIVE - ONLINE course
Many of our students can not perceive the "FULL presence at a time" here on Lanzarote in the driving school, to visit our INTENSIV theory course for professional or private reasons, but need or want a driving license "urgently".
The current "inexpensive" online courses, which included only simple stupid questions, did not bring the desired success for many people, led to many re-examinations

Changes were made to the Spanish traffic law

The end of March the Spanish Congress the 18. Reform of Traffic and Road Safety Act ("Ley de Tráfico y Seguridad Vial") adopted, which will come into force in a month.

The driving license for a motorcycle is divided in 3 parts.

  • A1—is for a motorcycle up to 125 ccm: You must be 16 years old to make it.

In Spain you can drive a motorcycle up to 125 ccm, if you have a Spanish driving licence Class B /cars since 3 years.

  • A2—is up to a special engine power und you must pass theory and practical exams. They could be shortened, if you have made a driving licence class B before.

  • A---is for any motorcycle. After 2 years having the driving licence A2 you can pass a theory lesson without a written exam.

All the depending theory exams in Spain can only be done in Spanish, different to the theory exam class B for cars, which you can do in other languages, too.

The lessons from Klagusch EU Driving Licence Service for driving licenses A1, A2, and A consists of the declaration of the respective traffic regulations in German and an help in translating practice tests. However, a certain vocabulary of Spanish is required for this.

Leaflet on EU driving license in Spain
from: December 2014

In accordance with Article 15 of Royal Decree 818/2009 that holders of EU driving licenses without undergoing temporary validity which have since the entry into force of the EU Directive reside for more than 2 years in Spain, in terms of validity and suitability test the Spanish legislation.

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