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Registration for licence · Terms

General Terms and Conditions


Registration for the course license B class is only fully possible for the theoretical and practical training. By enrolling, the obligation to participate in the compulsory hours of theoretical and practical training. In our own interest should be carried out as quickly as possible provision of all personal documents necessary for the registration examination and intensive home study be included.


With the submission of all documents necessary for the examination registration with the partner-driving school to pay the examination fee (Tasas y gestión) of 90, is - € required. Without the credit confirmation from the accounting system does not check registry.


Does not accept the / students / in to the intensive course in part, or even the cancellation of the debt driving course is the KLAGUSCH SL entitled to refuse the application for review, without implying the / students / in, can make a claim for restitution of monies paid claims.


The same applies to force majeure or events to which KLAGUSCH SL has no influence. (eg exclusion test by the traffic authority TRAFICO because of invalid documents, failure in the tests, false information on the person, non-compliance with the age requirements or violation of other official guidelines and requirements).


Does not appear the / students / in at the designated date for testing, so the KLAGUSCH is SL and their partners driving schools authorized a separate reservation and handling fee of 157, - to provide €. This amount is to be paid on a re-examination admission. Non-performance of the debit note entitles the KLAGUSCH SL the training contract, to the detriment of the / the student / in, immediately withdraw.


Participation in the theoretical and practical lessons and the exams is possible never in drunken state. Disruptions in class at the expense of fellow students and entitle the trainer to the immediate exclusion of the person from the Education and termination without termination of the training contract. A claim for restitution is excluded by the fault of the self / student / in in this case.


The KLAGUSCH S.L. with the German training program offers a support for self-study and can not guarantee for the existence of official examinations. It's up to the / the student / in how he / she operates the self-study, the matter understands and how intensely he / she being treated in the intensive course, translates spiritual and practical and also the specifications in the theoretical and practical "Spanish Special" instruction follows.


After successful theoretical examination are determined by the respective partner driving schools of KLAGUSCH SL the practical training hours fixed as part of their corporate workflow. These driving lessons are always to be completed in the examination region, request appointments can be arranged, but are not mandatory power.


After successful completion of the theory test the teaching material is undamaged to give back and to review the deposit paid will be refunded. All handed out exercise sheets, learning books, among others are the property of KLAGUSCH S.L. and subject to copyright. The careful handling is expected and the return is imperative. Damage, loss, injury Copyright entitle to compensation claims and also leads to the loss of the deposit!


The required registration (Matricula) and the deposit is to KLAGUSCH SL to pay. All other payment intervals for examination fees, practical driving lessons, practical exam fees must be observed and must be paid directly to the partner driving school.

ecast from 01.05.2015 - Jurisdiction Arrecife, Lanzarote

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